Do Good Is Good!

The One Thing That Will Give You The Competitive Edge

Whether you’ve been doing traditional broadcast and print advertising, or new digital media, there’s one piece that your brand could be glaringly missing.

Because when you’re competing against the big spenders, you need that extra edge over them that could really help you stand out.

The upper hand in an unfair media battle.

This is what Stratidy gives you with a signature promotion, key event or charitable tie-in.

Stratidy is not a typical event-planning or public relations arm of Burnett Media – it’s what we leverage for you as your media and marketing agency. We strategize to make sure you don’t leave any opportunities behind when you’re spending money on advertising and marketing.

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We make sure your media dollars get recognized.

Because the media loves it when you’ve got a charitable tie-in or other signature promotion. And so do your customers. We leverage the media relationships you have, and take your brand further in a really beautiful (and efficient) way.

It’s a win-win-win-win.

It helps the community, your customers, the media, and you.

Strategy gives you an inexpensive feel-good way to get brand recognition, one that improves everyone’s image, and makes them happy too.

We strategize everything you need to further your message in the community.

And the we coordinate all the details for you. Whether that’s writing press releases, ordering branded merchandise or swag, or negotiating psa announcements on the radio.

Contact us today to get your media advantage.