Speak Casually With Intent.

Conversations lead to sales.

You won’t sell anything to your customers unless you can have a conversation with them first.

Social media gives you an opportunity to have a conversation with your customer. Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram or something else, it’s just another chance to talk to them wherever they are.

In fact, there are currently 1.65 billion active mobile social accounts globally!

And 1 million new active mobile social users added every day.

If you got invited to a party where all your customers were hanging out, wouldn’t you want to go?

Your customers are hanging out on their phone. They’re having all kinds of conversations at these different parties there, and you’re invited to join them!

[powr-social-media-icons id=03cbd884_1498491529]

If you’re not there, you’re being left out of the conversation.

There’s not just one. The average social media user maintains five different social media accounts!

It’s a serious game with serious results.

But, it can’t feel serious. You can’t make a formal sales presentation at a party.

Soshily understands you have to speak casually with intent.

We know how they want to be talked to on each different social platform. And which platform your customers are hanging out in, and how to extend your brand strategy there.

Soshily then tracks results to see how much is converting to real sales.

What looks like a casual conversation is well-strategized brand positioning.

Not only that, it’s a new way to extend your brand by word of mouth too!

Because 71% will recommend your brand to others if they’ve had a good social media experience with you.

Just from a social media conversation!

And it’s a huge SEO booster too. Your online search results are just a big popularity game, and nothing helps you win it like social.

Don’t you want in on that?

Join the party! Soshily will create a custom package for you that can include design, strategy, and management of your social media.

Contact us to breakthrough the busy online lives of your customer with a social media conversation.