Libertarian Party of Oregon

Libertarian Party of Oregon

  • Date March 15, 2015
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Below is a live feed of client testimonials added through hapigood, a review service of Burnett Media Group.

  • Alexis Frazier
    “I reject the establishment’s 2-party ultimatum: choose either economic or personal freedom, but not both. I want all my freedom.” The post Alexis Frazier appeared first on Libertarian Party of Oregon. ... read more
    Source: Libertarian Party of OregonPublished on 03-26-2019By hapigood
  • Gregory Burnett
    “I am a Libertarian because it is a philosophy that recognizes humanness and compassionately allows us to exist in our best form. I see the power and beauty that exists by simply acknowledging that the individual knows what is best for them. That the government is best that governs least. ... read more
    Source: Libertarian Party of OregonPublished on 02-28-2019By hapigood
  • Richard Burke
    “I believe we need less government interference in our financial affairs and in the personal choices we make in our lives. Government should be a small as possible, limited to protecting us, protecting our nation, and securing our constitutional rights. True compassion does not rely on force.” The post Richard ... read more
    Source: Libertarian Party of OregonPublished on 02-28-2019By hapigood