• Date July 1, 2019
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Below is a live feed of client testimonials added through hapigood, a review service of Burnett Media Group.

  • Leslie C., WA – FB Crossing Over Prayer for Animals
    Thank you for the Crossing Over Prayer for Animals. The fires in Australia have devastated the entire eco system and so many animals have died. Their souls need help, too.  I believe the group I pulled together to help Australia helped, though they need more help as the devastation is ... read more
    Source: GhosthelpersPublished on 02-01-2020By hapigood
  • Scott B., AZ – Facebook Review Ghost Stories
    Ok….I do a lot of audible books. Ghost Stories from the Ghosts’ Point of View is simply AMAZING! Tina’s narration was absolutely perfect! Better than most! Her timing and cadence were spot-on! I listen to the whole book in one sitting never once  did I lose interest. She puts you ... read more
    Source: GhosthelpersPublished on 02-01-2020By hapigood
  • Caitlin C., WA -Email Review
    I was lost and didn’t even realize it. I thought I was an atheist, I even married one. Then I started listening to Ghost Helpers (previously, The Karmic Path) for over a year. I have listened to every show. They taught me things I thought were lost to me forever. ... read more
    Source: GhosthelpersPublished on 01-21-2020By hapigood