Get “The Big Guys” Treatment

(Without a big guy’s investment!)

It can be frustrating when you’re spending thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing, and it’s treated like it’s chump change.

You may not realize that you’re comparing your company with big national brands that have plump budgets and huge teams of people working on their marketing.

It’s not really a fair comparison.

Except with Burnett Media Group, where you can compete on the same level.

Burnett Media Group brings together an extraordinary team of professionals that are the best in their field, from all around the world – from our home base in Portland, OR, to Cities across the United States, Canada, Moldova, and beyond.

You normally couldn’t access this much talent without a huge payroll, or huge upcharges from a typical agency. It would cut into way too much a budget that should be spent on the actual media that keeps your business rolling and growing.

As a client of ours, they become your team too.

Burnett Media Group does the work of a big agency, extremely efficiently. Without the typical overhead they have, we can get you the kind of results that usually only the big guys can afford.

We won’t let your budget get sucked dry.

You’ve got a ton of flexibility, too! You can choose from our suite of service divisions –  Burnett Advertising, Hapigood, Soshily, Sakashon, Hostdoodle, Neaga Digital, Room 101 Media, and Stratidy… or full agency representation with Burnett Media Group with all the ‘service’ tools at your disposal.

You get to choose just exactly which components of service you need.

Use as much, or as little, as you need….